Are you ready for the business travel trends of the future? Read on to look out what business travel tips the travel industry is expecting in 2020 and beyond.

1. Expect more diversity in business trips

The number of women traveling for business is rising. within the past most corporate travelers were men. Now, nearly half all business travelers within the US are women.

Travel managers especially should take these business travel tips into account as their female business travelers have different concerns—especially with relevance safety—than their male colleagues.

A 2019 survey from a large travel management organization revealed that 77% of female business travelers have experienced harassment or mistreatment while traveling.

Travel managers and travel arrangers must consider the unique needs of female travelers when writing their travel policies. Industry research from 2018 showed that only 18% of corporate travel safety policies addressed female travel safety needs. Despite the differing needs of female travelers, only 16% of U.S. women reported their companies to provide safety tips and travel resources for ladies.

Companies must reevaluate their travel and Duty of Care policies to verify they’re prepared for a growing number of frequent female corporate travelers and other business travel tips.

2. Technologies frame the lives of people.

Did you recognize 24% of business travelers say they may rather have a cavity filled at the dentist than complete an expense report? Employees are ready and willing to use expense reporting technology tools for travel but unfortunately, companies aren’t keeping up.

A new survey from SAP Concur found employees feel expense reporting technology is that the world of business travel that their companies are the foremost behind in. Expense reporting for travel puts businesses in peril and delays in expense reimbursement hurts employee’s trust in their companies.

Expense reporting isn’t the only area where employees feel their company is lacking–that same survey found that 67% of business travelers feel their company lags behind when it involves adopting travel technologies that will make their lives easier. Business travelers are attempting to find easier ways to book their travel and robust online booking tools can help.

Although employers have an obligation to remain their employees safe from harm while traveling over half the survey respondents believed their companies did not consider their safety while traveling to be a top priority.

Travel technology exists to help travelers navigate the world with real-time alerts, traveler tracking, and on-demand location information. Employers who adopt travel safety technology not only better shield themselves from legal repercussions but also establish employee safety as a priority.

3. Bleisure – the simplest among business travel tips

Sure, business travelers are additionally traveling for the company, but more and more employees expect their companies to contemplate the traveler first and foremost in their policies. a worldwide trend shows that “bleisure travel” (travel that mixes both business and leisure) is on the rise.

According to a recent survey from over half international business, travelers attempt to extend more of their trips so that they will spend some days enjoying their destination.

However, that exact same survey found that business travelers from North America are less likely to embrace the bleisure trend. 29% of North American travelers surveyed stated they “strongly disagree” with the thought of paying extra days on a business trip for fun.

However, an organization culture that discourages such trips may additionally imprint upon its employees an identical attitude (despite how the freedom to travel is linked to increased employee retention). With shifting traveler demographics and heightened expectations, companies might want to embrace the bleisure travel trend to higher differentiate themselves and retain employees in tight job markets.

Travelers are expecting higher quality accommodations once they travel for business. In fact, over half (57%) of international business travelers say that staying during a home-like environment kind of a guest apartment lets them experience their destination more fully. the identical survey revealed that 40% of international business travel professionals prefer photogenic accommodations specifically for social media posts.

4. The routes of business trips are changing

Airlines have big plans for 2020 as many major carriers have announced service changes. variety of those changes include expansions to both seasonal and year-round airline routes.
American has planned five new trans-Atlantic routes for 2020 and may begin service to Africa for the first time in June. Delta and Virgin Atlantic’s transatlantic venture will bring a daily nonstop from Boston to London Gatwick in 2020 (the first time Delta has flown to Gatwick since 2014).

Southwest is expanding flights to Hawaii. Southwest is dropping daily flights in and out of Newark. Travelers will experience these and many other service changes in 2020.
It’s important to remain track of airline route changes especially if you or your company features a preferred airline vendor. While some websites aggregate business travel news and repair announcements it’s easy to miss something if you’re not consistently checking. some way to form sure you never miss out is to partner with a travel management company who’s awake to your frequent travel routes.

Top corporate travel management companies provide comprehensive account management with account managers who know exactly where your frequent travelers are flying and should warn you of service changes.

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