Although modern technology helps us in communication and information sharing, in business, face-to-face meetings are crucial for a successful collaboration. In other words, business travel stimulates business development and the global economy as a whole.   

Business traveler habits continue to evolve at a rapid speed. In the last 20 years business travel status quo has quickly changed with the emergence of new tools and technologies, making business travel more convenient and cost-effective for companies of all sizes.

Mixing business and pleasure

Every person needs a good rest after intensive work, so why not combine both in a bleisure trip? Worldwide, this opportunity was introduced as one of the motivation programs for employees who need to be aware that their contribution is valued by the employer. 

Business trips most often do not leave time to look at the country to which an employee has traveled to deal with professional issues. Bleisure travel not only allows them to split the cost of their trip with their employer, but it also reveals an excellent chance to indulge in tourism and get to know the cultures of the country they are doing business. 

All business travel expenses digitally

Tracking costs on a business trip is getting easier every day. Instead of using paper or an Excel spreadsheets for all expense recording, look out for modern technology solutions. There are a lot of different tech tools, softwares and mobile apps which offer numerous features and automation capabilities to control trips, save on business expenditures and eliminate manual data entry. Couple of super features – chance to get notifications for upcoming trips, submit expenses digitally, as well as automatically adjust your travel itinerary and even track mileage and many others. Get rid of manual data entry and start automating your business trip process now!

Apps that make business travel easier

If you’ve got a smartphone you can turn the stressful journey to a much smoother and more productive process. So, here are certain apps to have on your smartphone while traveling on a corporate trip:

  • The Asana app is great for communicating with your team members, view deadline progress and manage tasks from anywhere.
  • Google Drive is awesome for sharing documents, tracking teams’ output or reviewing/adjusting content calendar and also create, edit and store documents.
  • Docusign makes executing contracts simple and, more importantly, mobile. 
  • Skyscanner makes it easy to compare bookings, find the best price and book in app.
  • With Yelp you will easily find the best food providers, read reviews and menus.

As technology and work cultures continue to develop, the business travel field is sure to be changing in the next few years. Work travel should not only help your business grow, but also bring a little excitement to team members of your company.

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