How to travel after the lockdown? What are the best COVID-19 travel tips in case if someone really needs to go somewhere? These are the typical questions of basically any person right now.

During the COVID-19 worldwide outbreak, a lot of economic sectors are affected and close to a deep financial crisis, and one of those fields, who have suffered the most, is tourism. Suffer not only those working in the tourism industry, but also their suppliers, partners, and everyone else who relied on business generated by travelers.

One thing is known for sure, – travel will be back, but how much it will change after the pandemic, – we can only guess. Here are a couple of COVID-19 travel tips you should consider, before booking your next business trip. 

Be aware of changes in the plane

As current safety considerations call for social distancing, this is no exception on airplanes. Therefore, even after a pandemic emergency, aircraft will have a number of rules to follow when traveling, such as a limited number of passengers per aircraft, earlier arrival time at the airport so that everyone can undergo medical check-up, a special passenger boarding mechanism, and seating arrangements so that each other can have a free space.

Although wearing a face mask is not a mandatory requirement, it should be observed both because it creates safety for others, and also you can protect yourself a little more in case of accidentally touching the face.

If in doubt about the trip, buy insurance 

After COVID-19 many travelers will become more cautious and more likely to choose travel insurance than before. It is a double-edged sword, where on the one hand you will be compensated for losses if something unexpected happens to you before or during the trip. For instance, medical expenses, lost luggage, flight delays, or pre-determined trip cancellation. It is also possible to pay about an extra 50% to cover the cancellation for any reason.

However, on the other hand, depending on the rules of the particular insurance company, the insurance does not normally cover such a trip cancellation caused by a pandemic. Therefore, before choosing an insurance service provider, compare several insurance companies in advance, – look for the most favorable conditions for the best price.

Avoid non-refundable bookings

No matter how tempting, in terms of price, non-refundable bookings may seem, for many this will be a taboo to avoid in the future. In times like these, a lot of people and companies lost their money just because they chose non-refundable booking options.

Companies, whose employees go on regular business trips and book flights, hotels, and transport, should consider, which kind of reservations they choose and the risks of unpredictable cancellation. As it is expected that after this phase of the pandemic, people will be much more likely to choose the safest possible options that guarantee a refund.

Summarizing the COVID-19 travel tips

The tourism industry will recover, but it will never be the same again. Post-COVID travel will bring a lot of modern and obvious improvements in the tourism industry that have been necessary to implement. The travel process is expected to be much faster, more digital and modern, and with as little contact with each other, as possible.