Whether for a trade event, conference, or education, if you are a business traveler, you are traveling for a reason. The entire time in the air may seem like wasted time, and you will probably fail to access the Web series you wanted to watch. However, you can get stuff prepared for when you land if you have wireless internet in-flight service on board.

So focus on booking an airline that provides wifi from altitude to landing instead of being stranded in the sky with no connectivity. WOTRA has a piece of quick advice to help you manage your workflow when you’re in the air and create the best mobile experiences for business travelers.

Top 5 airlines with free WIFI for optimal Internet Experience

Free wifi is easy enough to find on the ground, but it is a delight to get it for nothing up in the skies. Book with these airlines and the connections till you reach your destination are guaranteed.

1) Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air is our dream in terms of free wireless internet on the flight— it’s limitless! Norwegians don’t limit the amount of information you use so that you can work to your destination freely. One caveat: you don’t have transatlantic wireless connections aboard your planes, so be vigilant if you go to the Us.

2) Qantas

Fly with Qantas to remain connected across the skies when you fly to Australia. As you travel within the country, they offer unlimited, free wireless internet on your journey. What’s great about your internet service is that you don’t need your e-mail address or your credit card numbers— you need your card ready for signing in.

3) JetBlue
JetBlue is a top-class carrier with free wireless access — they provide wireless internet in their ships. By traveling with JetBlue, you will not need to abandon your duties on the ground because you can make mobile calls, post-digital mails and make a presentation from 38,000 ft.

4) Delta

Delta offers free messaging at its planes, so you can stay in contact with your group until you reach your destination.

If you want to do more than text, you can book a variety of plans before you board at reasonable prices.

5) Emirates
Emirates has been voted as the world’s best carrier over and over again, so it’s no surprise they sell their traveler’s unlimited Wi-Fi. You will continue your flights with 20 MB of free wifi and, afterward, they will charge for other wifi packages. You’ll have sufficient information in their free package to scan emails or to notify your coworkers when you land.

5 airlines that offer the best paid wireless internet in-flight

Wifi is relatively new in aircraft, and not all airlines have the equipment built to allow everyone to browse the internet experience from above. Most companies with this technology charge passengers to use it. WOTRA combines the list of the airlines that sell their travelers the best-paid wi-fi system onboard:

1) Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic provides wireless internet service to carriers, all of which provide wireless Internet connectivity. So, if you’re going for business across the Pond, that’s a great help to you. Onboard Virgin Atlantic Inflight prices for wifi vary depending on which aircraft you board, but TripAdvisor states that “Wi-Fi Max” costs £ 14.99 (approx. 17 Euros) for full airfare internet access.

2) British Airways

BA is increasing the wireless Internet connectivity on its aircraft and expects wireless access on 90% of its aircraft by the end of 2019. What is good about the Wifi network of British Airways is that you don’t realize how much data you have even when you are using. It ensures you don’t need to think about how much you need it on the plane if you pay for wireless Internet.

It provides two options on board: “Browse” and “Stream,” which makes the Browse option slightly cheaper. You will be billed GBP 14.99 for the entire flight (approximately EUR 17). And you will be paid for the Stream price of 23.99 GBP (less than EUR 27) according to One Mile A time.

3) Cathay Pacific

All the A350s from Cathay Pacific have wireless internet connections aboard and are now integrated into their Boeing 777 fleet. When you check their flight schedules, you will find out on what aircraft you are on in advance.

The rates for wireless internet Cathay Pacific are the same across the board, and you charge the more you use the online plane like British Airways. WLC is $12,95 (around € 11) for flights below 6 hours and it is $19,95 (around 18 euros) for long flights.

4) Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines are confident of the value of their wifi and encourage it to take office in the sky. You can get free access to their inflight WiFi services if you travel into business class for the tour. If you are in business class for the ride, you will have free access to their inflight Wi-Fi services.

This is an excellent deal for the whole travel internet for Turkish airlines, which will only cost you $14.99 (about € 13) for the entire journey. It will charge you $9.99 (around € 9) if you opt to stay in the office just for an hour.

5) Lufthansa

The FlyNet ® from Lufthansa is still rolled out across their fleet, and they market their wifi to be eligible for short-and mid-haul flights on “picked A320 family aircraft.” With long-distance airlines, due to the hotspot icon that is marketed as you land, you will tell whether they have wireless Internet aboard.

They sell three remote inflight services on Lufthansa short-haul flights. FlyNet ® Email and Text Messenger costs € 3 per plane, FlyNet ® Mail and Surf provide quicker routing at a rate of € 7 per ride, and FlyNet ® Email and Surf PLUS allows you 1 GB of surfing data at a cost of € 12 each trip.

The long-distance flights from Lufthansa offer the same packages, but at an increased price. The cost of the plane is € 7 for FlyNet ® messaging, € 17 for FlyNet ® mail and € 17 for Surf Plus and € 29 for a flight. Be aware that you may also pay Airmiles for your flight wifi.

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Why is wifi on planes so expensive?

Wi-Fi on aircraft remains relatively recent and costly since it only started in the mid-2000s. The technology continues in progress and comes with a high price tag for airlines. Organizations must cover for set-up and maintenance costs.

The explanation of wi-fi being so expensive on aircraft is because the antenna obtained from the ground slows the airplane down so that the price of the Wi-Fi is focused only on the fuel needed.

Do transatlantic flights have WiFi?

You can use the Wi-Fi on their transatlantic routes if the carrier you’re riding with provides aboard. Another thing to bear in mind is that many other paths travel to or from the Polar Route to America and that this is a region in which the signal is stronger. There are a variety of areas in the world where the WiFi signal is limited, mainly where full bodies of water occur or where it is very far away (e.g., certain parts of China).

And, when you next try to book a plane, search for one of these airlines that we mentioned above (whether all this was work or a little pleasure too).