Airbnb was created in 2008 as a way to rent out their spare room for people in the San Francisco area to save on the side a bit of money. Ten years of fast forward and Airbnb has gone global because often booking Airbnb is cheaper than the hotel. When we only looked at hotels and possibly an apartment for business travel, remember before? Airbnb is now a choice that most people don’t want to do without. It’s an alternative that gives travelers much more freedom and flexibility, and even more so for Millennials who reshape the business travel landscape.

A few years ago, Airbnb was for travelers the cheapest option. But now, it’s important to consider selecting an Airbnb or hotel for business travel depending on where you’re going. In reality, in some cities, choosing an Airbnb is actually more expensive. So let’s take a closer look at this and describe the top 10 cities where booking an Airbnb is cheaper than booking a hotel.

The list of cities, where Booking Airbnb is Cheaper than a hotel

Here are the most popular business travel destinations where the price of Airbnbs is lower than the average hotel:

  1. Toronto

Toronto, Canada’s top business town, boasts an incredible array of Airbnbs to choose from. Airbnb is a simple choice here with hotels clocking in at about € 195 a night. Take a private condo just a short walk from the Toronto Convention Center for half the price.

  1. New York

The Big Apple has big business traveler rates. For hotel rooms costing € 220 a night, these trips can be quite expensive. But, not to be afraid, New York is one of the world’s cheapest Airbnb cities. A one-bedroom apartment can be easily found in the city center from just € 130.


Bean Town clocks to get an Airbnb as one of the cheapest places. Throughout the year, Boston also hosts a multitude of conferences such as Inbound and Amplify— so make sure you book your Airbnb ASAP as it becomes very famous. Boston’s average hotel prices are around € 265 a night, but when conferences take place, it can cost even more. We find that from just over € 100 you can get private rooms on Airbnb.

  1. London

The hotel prices of the British capital will knock you back a couple of hundred euros across the ocean here in Europe. Yes, London’s average hotel room costs € 190. So if you’re considering picking an Airbnb or a hotel here — pick Airbnb. Wherever you want to stay in London, it depends, but we find central London Airbnb rooms going as low as € 70 per night.

  1. Paris

Yes, one of the most expensive places to live in is the official City of Love. It will charge you up to € 200 a night for the average hotel room here. If you want to visit Paris for pleasure, head to Airbnb. With € 85 per night, you will find whole apartments here. Look for apartments with kitchen facilities to save on dining out— Paris is notoriously expensive!

  1. Vienna

Those hotel prices top the table for business travelers, a tourist favorite for those visiting Europe. The average price is € 175 per night for a mid-range hotel room in Vienna. Save some cash by choosing an Airbnb if you visit the capital of one of the richest nations. Whole downtown apartments go as small as € 60 a night. Now on the purse strings, that’s a lot easier.

  1. Sydney

The average price of the hotel here will cost you € 100 a night, which may not seem too bad, but after the flights there it all adds up. Search for an Airbnb in order to relax after long-haul flying. From just € 50 in Melbourne, there are some amazing entire apartments.

  1. Madrid

Madrid’s hotels in the city center will cost you about € 130 a night. Live like a local while you’re in Madrid for business and choose an Airbnb apartment — a whole apartment will cost you just € 50 a night. It sounds like the perfect place to return to the busy city after a day.

  1. Berlin

To business travelers and tourists alike, Germany’s edgy capital is becoming increasingly popular. Setting up shop here with a multitude of start-ups — it’s a lively place to visit work. Hotel room prices are also increasing with its growing popularity.

  1. Amsterdam

Last but not least on our list of cities where booking an Airbnb is cheaper than booking a hotel in Amsterdam. With hotel rooms costing € 140 USD a night, you’ll certainly want to pick up an Airbnb deal here— especially if you’re thinking with your team about hitting The Next Web. Private Airbnb rooms start at approximately € 80 a night.

Is Airbnb less expensive than hotels?

No, not all of the time. In reality, you are still better off booking a hotel in some cities like Barcelona and San Francisco. For example, Barcelona’s average hotel price is around € 160 per night. But an average Airbnb is going to cost € 290 a night. That’s almost double the price of a hotel room! So, when you’re considering a hotel vs Airbnb–do your research.

What are the benefits of choosing a hotel Airbnb?

In the Airbnb vs hotel case, there are a few key advantages to mention:

You have a lot more flexibility with kitchen facilities with an Airbnb — it ensures you don’t have to spend a lot of money eating out every night.

Airbnbs can be better than a room in the hotel. We feel more homely and after a day of business meetings or conference talks, we have a place to relax.

Airbnb appears to be the cheapest option for large groups. Look for Airbnbs with multiple rooms where when sharing with colleagues you can still have your privacy.

Central Airbnbs are usually much cheaper than hotels, so if public transportation isn’t your thing, particularly in a foreign city, with an Airbnb, you’ll be better off.

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