People travel for business because it is cost-effective.

Last year business trips from Riga, Latvia hit a record high amount. Of course, the technological advancements have brought us a number of opportunities to communicate remotely and even arrange the working process with the distributed teams. Though still traveling for business was the main idea of traveling in general and some of the requests can’t be satisfied remotely without being there physically. By being physically there at another location you can usually do work that is more effective and more satisfying than you could remotely. But there are three basic advantages that justify most of the business trips:

You can connect with people

You will find that in the real world it is much easier to do business with or manage people that you have met in person. You can get to know people through remote communication but it takes more time and probably will never reach the same level.

Humans are very effective at building relationships face to face, partly thanks to subconscious non-verbal communication mechanisms using gaze direction, blinks, and other signals.

Face-to-face meetings work best everywhere, but in cultures where relationships are especially important, they are indispensable.

See with your own eyes. Relying on digital communication and other people to inform you about what is happening somewhere far away is notoriously unreliable. It’s like exploring another country using an autonomous rover.

You can get some information about what is happening in a remote office, trade show, or customer through your phone, but it is no replacement for actually being there. The picture you get from the reports of other people is always objective and sometimes not justifiable.

Personal view also misses some things but it gives a better overall understanding and lets you see things that you would never have thought to ask about.

If you’re still afraid of the changes in travel industry because of COVID – check out our article on the matter.

Travel is motivational.

One of the most neglected reasons for sending your employees on business trips is that, if that is done correctly, it can be very motivational and inspiring. I have traveled all over the world on business trips and flown so often that I have AirBaltic PINS VIP card. I enjoyed it immensely and I doubt I would have stayed in any job so long if I had to look at my screen all day and physically be attached to the workstation.

Most employees feel that the honor of being chosen to represent the organization and the stimulating experience of exploring new cultures to be very motivating. Many people also feel that their apparent status in both their organization and the community grows if they are sent to trade shows, conferences, customer visits, and so on. This had to be done correctly, though, so flying proper airlines, staying in nice hotels, and a decent budget for meals.

Some travel will be replaced with email, messaging, video conferencing, and other modern tools, but at the same time, the need for travel increased as people turned to outsource work in remote locations. A lot of people have switched to the so-called “digital nomad” lifestyle and travel around the world while working remotely. This lifestyle requires frequent enough changes of location in seek of the best options for each exact traveler. This means that the frequency of traveling won’t decrease drastically with the switch to remote work for some additional people because of the COVID and other interruptions.


There will always be a need to travel for one of those reasons. And WOTRA TRAVEL AGENCY  will be happy to help with that!